Let’s look at the B2B Latam Startups at YC W21

The W21 batch of Y Combinator had the record-breaking number of 30 Latin American companies. Only a few are currently looking for new team members, but they are definetelly a good addition to any “to keep an eye on” list you want to be there when they start to grow!

Let’s dive in on how this group is composed:

  • Location: 10 from Mexico, 8 from Brazil, 4 from Chile, 4 from Colombia, 2 from Argentina and  2 from Peru.
  • Industry: 10 B2B Software and Services, 7, Fintech, 5 Education, 2 Consumer, 3 Healthcare, 1 Real Estate and Construction and 1 Robotics

Today I would like to focus on the 10 B2B focused startups.

4 companies are focused on the retail sector:

Meru, from Mexico allows Latin-Americans to buy products from Asia; it’s founded by Manuel Rodriguez Dao, Virgile Fiszman, Eduardo Mata and Federico Moscato. They are looking for a NetSuite Administrator.

Boitas, from Mexico, operating at Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru provides group buying opportunities to Small/Medium Businesses and Entrepreneurs; it’s founded by Marcelo Galvan and Raul Maldonado.

Preki from Colombia, connects independent retailers with wholesalers through a mobile App and direct vendor links; it’s founded by Alex Hakim, Tahi Hakim, David Narvaez and Pedro Virgüez.

Gonddo from Brazil, is an online shopping center specializing in independent retail, they connect brands and retailers in a simple and direct way; it’s founded by Guilherme Cruz, Rodrigo Cruz and Bruno Passos.

2 companies are focused on logistics:

Estoca from Brazil, provides logistics solutions for ecomerce; it’s founded by Caio Almeida and Rodrigo Cava. They are looking for a Outbound Sales Representative

clicOH from Argentina, connects different logistics and infrastructure operators through our platform to make shipments in less than 24 hours; it’s founded by Juan Martin Altamirano, Emiliano Segura and Agustin Novillo Saravia.

2 companies are focused on talent solutions:

cloud humans from Brazil provides companies with a talent network that works virtually and is compensated for performance; it’s founded by Ian Kraskoff, Bruno Cecatto and Felipe Serra de Oliveira.

ontop from Colombia, allows companies to hire internationally in +150 countries, they handle all the scouting, hiring, paperwork and payroll; it’s founded by Jaime Abella, Santiago Aparicio and Julian Torres.

AgendaPro from Chile focuses on Marketing. They allow business owners to charge their customers online and easily schedule appointments; it’s founded by Julio Guzman and Sebastian Hevia. They are looking for a Product Manager, a MDR Lead Qualification Executive and a MDR Lead Qualification Executive – Santiago

Runops from Brazil focuses on analytics. They allow companies to run a SQL query and that goes to Runops instead of the database. Then they get peer reviews in Slack, run it, and remove sensitive data from results; it’s founded by Androis Robert.

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