Let’s look at the Latam fintech Startups at YC W21

Let’s now look to the Latin-American Fintech companies on the W21 batch of Y Combinator. In 2018 there were more than 1100 fintech companies in Latinoamerica according to the IDB[1] and this sector has been growing a lot. The W21 batch of Y Combinator has 7 Latin-American fintech companies, 4 from Mexico, 1 from Brazil, 1 from Colombia and 1 from Chile:

Pagaloop from Mexico, helps SMBs owners in LATAM pay for working capital needs with personal credit cards to finance expenses such as rent, payroll, inventory and others; it’s founded by Gerardo Briones, Carlos Cruz, Luis Fernando Dosal G, and Alejandro Servin. They are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer.

Mendel from Mexico, simplifies the process for submitting and approving your company’s expenses; it’s founded by Alan Karpovsky and Alejandro Zecler.

Kredi from Mexico, is a mortgage loan marketplace for LatAm, it’s founded by Javied Aldape, Hernán Belden, JC Mercado and Fernando Nader Giacoman. They are looking for a Senior Backend Developer.

Atrato Pago from Mexico, is a leading buy now, pay later solution for merchants in Mexico; it’s founded by Juan Casian, Alejandro Chavez and Rogelio Rea.

Z1 from Brazil, is a digital account for teenagers, linked to a Mastercard; it’s founded by Thiago Achatz, Mateus Craveiro, Sophie Secaf and Joao Pedro Thompson.

Fintoc from Chile, enables developers to initiate bank transfers and pull transactional data from their users’ bank accounts; it’s founded by Cristóbal Griffero and Lukas Zorich.

Treinta from Colombia is a mobile app that replaces the physical transaction book for the 50 million Latam businesses that are still disconnected from the digital world; it’s founded by Lluis Candell and Man Hei Lou. They are looking for a Product Lead.

[1] Fintech: América Latina 2018: Crecimiento y consolidación | Publications (iadb.org)

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