Let’s look at the diverse Latam Startups at YC W21

Tomorrow is a holiday in most parts of Latin America, let’s look the last 13 Latin-American companies from the Y Combinator W21 so you have all the weekend to dive in to decide which ones you think are worth to keep an eye on!

My Next Derma from Mexico, is a Dermatologist virtual clinic in LATAM, with great dermatologists that consult, prescribe and send treatment to your doorstep; it’s founded by Luis Alberto Guevara Mendoza, Armando Soltero and Enrique Ibarra.

Morada Uno from Mexico, screen, collect and insure residential leases; it’s founded by Ines Gamboa Sorensen and Diego Llano.

workoutOS from Mexico, is a fitness app that allows anyone in Latam to workout at home with live and on demand personalized fitness classes with realtime feedback; it’s founded by Eduardo Mussalli, Andrea Illanes and Iddar Olivares.

Terapify from Mexico, is a video chat platform that easily and securely connects people who need psychological help with trusted psychologists who share their culture and language; it’s founded by Juan Daniel Velez Santiago and Eduardo Velez Santiago. They are looking for a Psicólogo clínico.

Awari from Brazil, offers effective, 6-month long courses for people to learn in-demand tech skills in Brazil; it’s founded by Fabio Muniz. They have 27 searches! You can check them here.

Kiwify from Brazil, enables anyone to create and sell their online course in Brazil.; it’s founded by Marinho Gomes and Artur Ribas.

TRACTIAN from Brazil, it quickly identify the “song” the machine is producing and warn about mechanical failures right when their first signs appear; it’s founded by Gabriel Lameirinhas and Igor Marinelli.

Poliglota from Chile, is the online language school for Latam, where group classes are led by an instructor; it’s founded by Carlos Aravena, Nicolas Fuenzalida and Jose Sanchez.

OlaClick from Peru, makes it easy for mass market restaurants in Latam to create a digital menu, promote it instantly with only one click and start receiving simple food orders though WhatsApp, it’s founded by Ulysse Litche, Jose Rico and Carlo Ribound. They are looking for a Digital Product Manager.

Prendea from Peru, offers live afterschool classes to Spanish-speaking kids ages 4 to 15; it’s founded by Gonzalo Aguilar and Benjamin Garmendia.

Houm from Chile, is an all-in-one real estate marketplace that helps landlords find tenants, collect rent, and manage their properties in Latam; it’s founded by Nicolas Knockaert and Benjamín Labra.

FitHub from Colombia, is an online supermarket specialized in healthy products; it’s founded by Cristina Char, Jabib Char and Andrés Iriarte. They are looking for a Product Designer and a Mobile Application developer.

Coderhouse from Argentina, Our courses are nearly as affordable as online Moocs (~$40 a month) and as effective as Bootcamps. We achieve this by running 100 person live classes with one expert professor and one mentor per 15 students; it’s founded by Nahuel Lema and Christian Patiño. They are looking for several roles some of them: Coordinador de Alianzas B2B, Docente: Back end, Asistente de Selección, Docente: Data Analytics and a Tutor/a: Data Analytics.

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